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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by admin, Mar 20, 2017.

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  2. Mandar

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    Im a Join
  3. yousef joker

    yousef joker New Member

    Im a join
  4. yousef joker

    yousef joker New Member

    but how i join
  5. yousefxXx

    yousefxXx New Member

    Guys how can I join
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  6. Samuel roquearroyo

    Samuel roquearroyo New Member

    One of our main problems since the beginning has been controlling the group wall. It's easy to exile people + delete comments, however: filtering comments is impossible. We have to do with what we have given to us by ROBLOX in order to remove spam and other useless posts.

    Though these troubles will still be present, it would be a great help for those of you reading to help us filter the wall. It starts with you.

    In this thread, I will be going over multiple conversation topics that will explain to you what to (and what not to) post on the wall. These include applications, complaints, and more.

    Topic #1: Applications
    - Refrain from posting comments like this: "When will my application be checked?" or "I sent my application and it still hasn't been checked..."

    - In order to acquire information about your application, please message one of our high ranks or an owner directly. Their inboxes should be open directly for messaging.

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